concentrato-di-efficienzaA little less than 4 meters long, 2 meters wide and 118 cm high. On the Alfa Romeo 4C measures are not only bold, but also the design choices: it was decided not to exaggerate the power, but rather to hold the weight. This is the challenge that drives the creation of every single element of the car.

The result is extraordinary: less than 900 kg vacuum to 240 hp, hence, a power to weight ratio of less than 4 kg / hp. One thing that guarantees maximum agility and supercar performance. This report was also obtained through the use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum and composites that make the car even more dynamic. Sleek, powerful and evolved. On board 4C cutting-edge materials, innovative processes and values ​​Alfa Romeo give life to a true concentrate of efficiency.

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leggerenzza-sostanzialeFirst of all the carbon fiber, used to make the central cell that houses the passenger compartment.

A natural element that offers significant advantages compared to traditional materials, defined as “isotropic” because they have the same characteristics of resistance in all directions.

The carbon fiber, however, can be machined to ensure the unidirectionality of the fibers and make an element also 5 times more resistant.

The aluminum, solid and incredibly light, gives shape to the engine, the same engine and the two structures that protect the front and rear passenger compartment bumps.

Behind the occupants, however, a roll-bar in high-strength steel prevents deformation in the event of a rollover. Composite materials, so far hardly applicable to mass production, complete the innovative design of the car. On 4C, composite low density are used for the outer body, since they ensure a greater stability to that of aluminum and a weight reduction of 20% compared to the sheet metal.

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1750 Turbo Petrol, state of the art technology applied to an internal combustion engine. The Alfa Romeo engineers have turned him into an even more aggressive and efficient driving. 4-cylinder, crankcase and aluminum structure, new-generation turbocharger, direct injection high pressure, double continuous variable valve timing, technology Scavenging and dual clutch transmission allows the engine to reach 1,750 new levels of sportsmanship.

The torque and power ratings are at the top of the category, the maximum power of 240 hp at 6,000 rpm is reached already: data demonstrating extraordinary resilience and dynamism.

Exceptional results in shooting, both in acceleration: Alfa Romeo 4C reaches 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and develops a maximum speed of 258 km / h. But not only that such high performance also take into account the environmental impact. Thanks to the control of the multiple injections and systems to reduce friction and losses of energy, the value of emissions Alfa Romeo 4C is so content to meet the stringent limits of the Euro 6.

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trazione-posterioreDriving pleasure is the result of a careful balance of design. Rear-wheel drive and engine in central position: the Alfa Romeo 4C architecture build typical of sports cars, where the goal is to achieve a rigorous weight balance.

Alfa Romeo 4C choose rear-wheel drive and takes full advantage of all the benefits of this dynamic configuration. Download the power on the rear wheels in fact means a better grip during acceleration, when the engine torque overloads the rear of the car. But not only rear-wheel drive allows for faster cornering, giving the driver a driving pleasure even more intense.

The aluminum engine is centrally located. This means lighten the vehicle, which requires no transmission shaft, and optimize the balance of the weights making it more swift thanks to the central mass.

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controllo-evolutoSports suspension, braking system in ventilated disks, tires with differentiated diameters: 4C for a control system evolved, designed to maximize the reduction of weight.

A suspension layout that uses technical solutions in the world of racing, to optimize performance and offer an unparalleled driving fun. To the front, the Alfa Romeo 4C uses a double wishbone system that allows the pilot to feel the feedback of the wheels directly, without filters. For the rear suspension Mc Pherson evolved which provide superior road holding and fun to drive, even in extreme maneuvers. For both, aluminum and high-strength steel.

Braking system ready to use more intense performance on the track and cross-drilled ventilated discs complete with Brembo caliper on the front, to go from 100 to 0 km / h in just 36 meters. And because the car really ensures maximum grip and avoid skidding in any weather conditions, have been designed with differentiated diameter tires, 17 “-18″ or 18 “-19″, larger on the back for optimal vehicle dynamics.

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