stileThe new front grille is enhanced by the stylized stylistic evolution of the classic Alfa Romeo. The large LED headlamps, coupled in perfect symmetry with integrated fog lamps in the bumper make it look appealing and Giulietta peremptory. The profile is a tendency on the powerful musculature lateral to link up to the details of the aerodynamic spoiler and determination of the unique taillights, even with these LED headlights.

solidity and agility on the outside, light inside. The interior of the Giulietta is the ultimate expression of “Made in Italy”, with its clean lines and a horizontal plank.
soundproof environment conducive to relaxation, with 5 leather seats more comfortable and snug, but every detail draws sporty character and determination: the embossing of the tissues to the new contours of the dashboard with matching door panels, steering wheel, three spokes with inset aluminum center inspired by the Alfa Romeo shield.
controls in the dashboard allow control of the car without distractions, for a driving experience even more intense and strong.