sospensioni-dnaBorn from experience in competition, Alfa DNA selector is the exclusive driving Alfa Romeo, acting on the suspension, it fits perfectly with the style of the driver and the road conditions.

The usage is simple and straightforward, just move the selector near the gear lever.

  • In sport mode Dynamic systems of electronic traction control are activated in a more discreet manner, the engine and the brakes are more ready and responsive, the steering more direct and sporty.
  • Moving the selector mode urban Natural calibration is more neutral and consumption are optimized.
  • If the road surface grip is limited, you can select the mode All weather , designed to anticipate the intervention of all electronic safety devices.

In Dynamic mode, with Giulietta debuts the Pre-fill, the new feature that provides the driver with the quickest braking response possible through the VDC system.

When the controller senses a dangerous situation that requires a rapid braking, the plant is put under pressure a few moments before the driver presses the brake pedal, so as to thereby reduce the braking distance of the car.


cambio-alfa-tctAlfa TCT (Twin Clutch Transmission Alfa) is the automatic transmission 6-speed dual clutch Alfa Romeo .

Available on petrol engines 1.4 MultiAir Turbo 170 HP, thanks to its technology guarantees supplying continuous torque and traction without loss of power being changed.



Bose Sound System,
Bose Sound System is able to ensure that each passenger in all driving conditions an exceptional listening quality .

The Hi-Fi has a power of more than 500 watts and has an acoustic system, as well as from the main speakers by subwoofer with 8-channel digital amplifier for bass always deep and involving, and a center speaker in the instrument panel to make it sound full and rich in nuances.

Whether it’s a guitar solo or a full orchestra, the Bose Sound System ® offers the same emotions you feel while listening to a live concert. The realistic reproduction , crystalline highs, bass full, rich, let the sound envelop all occupants, giving the sensation of traveling through a much larger environment, because the sound system is specifically designed for the passenger compartment. To make it even more unique sensory experience, a signal processor, integrated, automatically adjusts the bass in order to make them perfect at any volume, while an active equalization circuit guarantees optimum automatic electronic balance of all frequencies, great balance and clarity of tone throughout the audio range, eliminating unpleasant distortion even in passages with higher volume or tracks of high dynamics.

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sterzo-attivo-dual-pinionTechnology and safety features

Alfa Romeo Giulietta comes as standard with the most sophisticated electronic devices for dynamic control and security. The MacPherson front suspension and those evolved multilink rear , are designed to give the best balance of the new car even during extreme maneuvers.

In addition Giulietta guarantees the best driving conditions thanks to the Alfa DNA selector which manages 3 driving modes: Dynamic , Natural and All Weather .

A mix of technology which ensures driving safety, vehicle traction and performance of a true Alfa Romeo. Suspensions that highlight the double soul of Giulietta : sporty and fun, domabile and comfortable.

Dual Pinion Active Steering
is the new generation of the steering system specially developed to ensure the renowned driving enjoyment Alfa Romeo.

The benefits are immediate:

  • Direct steering and responsive in all driving situations.
  • Full integration with dynamic control of the vehicle and with Alfa Romeo DNA
  • High level of comfort thanks to variable servo assistance.
  • Great maneuverability in town and during parking maneuvers thanks to a turning circle of just 10.9 meters.
  • Substantial reduction in fuel consumption by up to 3% compared to a traditional system.

door Alfa Giulietta to debut an entirely new architecture to meet the expectations of most demanding customers in terms of road holding, agility and safety . A car designed to ensure both high dynamic performance and great comfort are the result of refined technical solutions implemented in the suspensions, a next-generation steering system, the rigid yet light structure made ​​using materials such as aluminum and high-strength steel and advanced production technologies.

In an era that leaves room for question marks, Giulietta was born to be a new landmark. For her it is shaped a new architecture .

A project that builds on the long engineering experience and Alfa Romeo that marks a result avant-garde. The entire architecture has been redesigned compared to the previous generation using the most innovative materials: aluminum, magnesium and high-strength steel that combine very high resistance and stiffness with weight reduction. The lightness of this architecture results in excellent performance as well as in a significant reduction of braking.

The new loader, a real integrated system synergistically with each individual mechanical and electronic component of the car, the driver ensures agility, comfort and safety.


sicurezza5-star safety

Alfa Romeo Giulietta was designed to offer total protection for both driver and passengers . In the design phase were carried out 15,000 hours of calculations, 100 crash tests, 150 tests on a sled HyGe and more than 100 tests on components and subsystems.

5 Star Euro NCAP
Alfa Romeo Giulietta has been awarded the prestigious 5 -star Euro NCAP rating and is at the top of the segment in the security field.
important recognition that confirms Alfa Romeo’s attention to all aspects related to the protection and safety.
The rating is even more important considering the new parameters introduced in 2009 by Euro NCAP are simultaneously evaluated the protection of adults, children, pedestrians, prevention of accidents and injury reduction through the evaluation of seat belt reminder, ESP and speed limiter.

Active safety
The Giulietta is a completely new architecture and is designed to complement and enhance the most of the different safety systems of the vehicle.
every aspect, from the chassis to the suspension, braking system from the steering has been optimized to ensure maximum control in each condition .
The stability control VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) is standard on all versions and interacts with the Alfa DNA (driving mode Dynamic, Normal, All Weather) which, in addition to adjusting the logical behavior of the system, allows to change the operating parameters of the engine, gearbox, steering system and Q2 electronic differential.
Giulietta also features the systems Pre-fill and DST (Dynamic Steering Torque).
The first active mode Dynamic DNA, offers the driver maximum readiness braking; the second suggests to the driver through a pulse at the wheel the correct maneuver to be performed in case of emergency.

Passive Safety
The safety system of Giulietta, designed to obtain the maximum Euro NCAP rating, increases the capacity of energy absorption of the front of the vehicle, reducing both the inertial forces that the intrusion into the passenger compartment.
Alla safety performance contributes 6 airbags, three-point seatbelts with double pretensioners and load limiters, collapsible steering column and pedals, the second-generation anti-whiplash system , Isofix attachments.
All of this raises the severity of the shocks to which it is guaranteed an optimal protection of the occupants.

Preventive safety
Alfa Romeo Giulietta adopts headlamps with LED function Daytime Running Light (daylight) that, in the setting in motion of the car automatically turns on the lights.
rear projectors, always LEDs offer compared to traditional lamps, a greater brightness and improved safety due to extremely low ignition timing.

entire range is equipped with a series of “Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)”, an electronic system which monitors the air pressure of each tire by informing the driver in case there are any leaks in pressure.
The adoption of this device has both advantages in terms of safety, both in terms of consumption optimization and management of the life cycle of the tires. Driving on the road with a flat tire not only lengthens the time of braking, reducing the stability of the vehicle, but the tires wear out faster, increasing the rolling resistance and therefore fuel consumption.


Giuletta and the environment

Giulietta has a priority: respect for the environment.
For this reason petrol engines comply with the Euro 6 standards.
Excellence is achieved with the revolutionary engine MultiAir (1.4 TB MultiAir 170 hp), which, while achieving high power values, ensures a reduction of up to 10% of emissions and fuel consumption than conventional engines.
Moreover, all the engines in the range adopt the Start & Stop system: the system that manages the shutdown and automatic restart of the car in urban traffic stops. The Gear Shift Indicator finally suggests when to shift into gear, optimizing the efficiency of the engine and lowering fuel consumption.