The champion Jorge Lorenzo is the brand ambassador for Alfa Romeo 2014 A winning combination of one of the pilots most known and appreciated at the international level and the mark centenary that best expresses the style and the Italian racing experience combined with a unique spirit and the fact of winning challenges and competition.

In particular, the exceptional ‘Alfa Romeo Fan’ will feature the Alfa Romeo logo on both the race suit helmet on that used in the MotoGP World Championship 2014 will deal with his Yamaha YZR-M1 in the official Yamaha MotoGP team Movistar.

The agreement between Alfa Romeo and the champion Jorge Lorenzo in 2014 provides important communication and marketing in the traditional channels, web and social. With this sponsorship Alfa Romeo confirms the automotive brand that most everyone is able to communicate the spirit that lives within the circuits, in addition to sharing the values ​​of sportsmanship and desire to excel is inherent in the Alfa Romeo DNA in both the protagonists of the two wheels.


On the occasion of the stages of the MotoGP World Championship 2014, Jorge Lorenzo and his staff have provided some Giulietta, including new Quadrifoglio Verde, the legendary version marked by the emblem that has always characterized the more ‘aggressive’ Alfa Romeo cars in addition to the 4C supercar that will be led personally by Jorge.

The Spaniard will also be present in some stages of the SBK World Superbike 2014 driving on the track supercar Alfa Romeo 4C which has recently been appointed as Official Safety Car and Car dell’avvincente championship, a task that will play along with versions of the MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde and Giulietta . With the current season Alfa Romeo crosses the finish line of the seventh consecutive year of collaboration: in fact, since 2007 the brand participates in the event – always as a Top Sponsor and Official Safety Car and Car – sharing the same values ​​of sportiness, technology and safety at the highest level.


Passion, dedication, attention to technology and mechanics, attention to detail to get the best: these are the values ​​that Jorge Lorenzo shares with Alfa Romeo and for which he has started this important new partnership. A winning combination of one of the pilots most known and appreciated at the international level and the Alfa Romeo brand that embodies the style and the experience of Italian motoring combined with a unique spirit and winning that competition and challenges.

Jorge Lorenzo is therefore the natural testimonial Juliet Riders, the version developed in collaboration with the well-known magazine that will appeal to fans of two wheels and beyond. After trying Giulietta Riders at the Centro Stile of Balocco, Jorge Lorenzo said: “Riders Giulietta is a car from the city and traveling, not racing, but you can you entertain a lot, especially on curves, thanks to DNA allows setting a sports car by removing the traction control. It is a car very comfortable on the inside while the outside is the Alfa Romeo style, at the same time very elegant, but modern sports; I like that. ”


During qualifying for the Grand Prix at Mugello, the sixth round of the MotoGP World Championship 2014, Jorge Lorenzo wore the first of a special series of racing helmets, personalized with the legendary logo ‘Quadrifoglio Verde’, the symbol since 1923 identifies the most efficient realizations signed Alfa Romeo, not just those involved on race tracks around the world but also some special versions of production.

The Mugello helmet for the required 40 hours of processing to reproduce the particular graphic that has been studied directly by Jorge Lorenzo and followed in all its phases. In detail, the cap was first brushed with a special sandpaper, then drawn and painted using masking and pre-cut vinyl, finally, customized with special adhesives.

E ‘born as a single piece of great charm that pays tribute to one of the sport’s most famous symbols in the world of motorsport: the’ Quadrifoglio Verde ‘of Alfa Romeo.