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The ninth round of the championship of the derived series moves overseas, in sunny California, Laguna Seca, famous for its fast-paced “corkscrew”.

The Superpole on Saturday was won by Tom Sykes (Kawasaki), winning the first box on the grid, followed by Giuntoli (Aprilia) and Davies (Ducati).

In the race on Sunday morning , under a hot sun, Sykes made ​​a good start, followed by Melandri (Aprilia) and Guintoli, but the first step on the corkscrew British rider Kawasaki goes along and is passed by the two Aprilia riders. Shortly after the fall of Davies to turn six. Already on the third lap the group of top three drivers detaches trackers, Giugliano (Ducati), Haslam (Honda) and Rea (Honda). Davide Giugliano seeks gradually to approach the leading trio, but on lap eight, due to a straight on the corkscrew, loses contact.
Melandri steadily increases his detachment from his team-mate and the British rider Kawasaki, coming easily to win the race one. On the podium: Melandri, Guintoli and Sykes.

In race two excellent start of Tom Sykes, followed by Melandri, Laverty and Guintoli. Immediately began the struggle between the French and the Irish pilot, followed by Davide Giugliano. The reigning world champion is unable to remove the group, and the five riders remain united, while the fight is still among the racers of Aprilia. On lap five Tony Elias (Aprilia) shortens the distance and joins the group in the wake of the first five. From the sixth step in the goal then, Laverty is unable to maintain the pace of the first three, Sykes, Melandri and Guintoli. Giugliano is bypassed by Elias, dropping to sixth. On the tenth lap the race director decides to expose the red flag after a bad fall from Lowes (Suzuki) to the corkscrew.

At the restart, the second trance of the race will be seven rounds, shooting well Marco Melandri, followed by Sykes, Guintoli and Rea. On the second lap, is once again exposed red flag for a bad fall Barrier (BMW) on the start-finish straight.
Again will share with just seven laps of a race. At the start, Melandri all off, followed by Sykes, Guintoli, Elias, Giugliano and Laverty all very close. At the end of the first lap Melandri falls, and shortly after Davide Giugliano slips on the corkscrew. On the fourth lap Sykes is in the lead, followed by Guintoli, Elias, Rea and Laverty. Rea and Laverty Elias pass.

Tom Sykes wins this long and painful race two, second place on the podium for the third Guintoli and Rea.

Next meeting after the summer break in September at the Spanish track of Jerez.




Tom Sykes (Kawasaki) and Jonathan Rea (Honda) have divided the victories of the two races of the Portuguese round of the championship of the derived series. The eighth weekend of Superbike races saw a Saturday Sykes starred in a sunny Superpole, followed by Rea and Davies (Ducati).

On Sunday, at the start of race one , the heavens and ‘covered but no rain. Jonathan Rea wins shoot well from the start that the first position, followed by Melandri (Aprilia), Sykes, Baz (Kawasaki), Davies (Ducati) and Guintoli (Aprilia). Sykes recovers on Rea and Melandri, on the fifth lap and ‘already’ in the head and trying to stretch the group of pursuers. A meta ‘race Baz exceeds Melandri who, in trouble’, is likely to suffer an attack even from Rea. Sykes will progressively increase their lead while behind him and ‘battling for second place on the podium. A few laps from the end Sykes precedes Guintoli, Melandri Baz and while it starts to rain on the circuit in Portugal. The English Kawasaki slows down and seems to be opening the competition for the victory, but two laps from the end of the race, and reopen the gas and ‘the first to cross the finish line followed by Guintoli and his team-mate Baz.

Just before the competition in the afternoon it starts to rain at the Portimao circuit. At the start, the race direction declaring the wet race, 18 laps instead of ’20, all the riders out on the track with rain tires. Again perfect start to Rea, followed by Sykes, Davies, Melandri, Guintoli and Baz. On the fourth lap, the two pilots of Aprilia, Guintoli and Melandri, exceed Davies, winning the third and fourth interim. Haslam (Honda) and Giugliano (Ducati) riallacciano Davies. The Aprilia approach significantly the reigning world champion, Tom Sykes, while Haslam makes a straight and Giugliano exceeds his teammate Davies.

Eighth lap of race two Melandri and Guintoli pass Sykes, who has slowed dramatically because of the rain, so to be passed to the next round even Davide Giugliano. The two Aprilia riders try to get close to Rea, when the thirteenth lap Guintoli slips and involving his teammate. Both Aprilia on the ground, while Guintoli starts Melandri and ‘forced to abandon the race. Rea and ‘now chased by Giugliano, Sykes, Haslam and Davies. The British driver exceeds the sixteenth lap Haslam, who also undergoes the attack of Baz. At the end on the podium in race two there are Rea, Giugliano and Davies.

The next meeting will be ‘overseas, in the sunny Californian circuit of Laguna Seca .

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The World Superbike returns to Italy for the seventh race of the season, and that is’ held in Misano circuit in Misano Adriatico dedicated to the rider Marco Simoncelli .

The weekend of racing and ‘open with a Superpole won by British rider Kawasaki’s Tom Sykes, who has also improved the lap record on the recorded track with the production-based series, which resisted from 2010 obtained by two-time champion world, the ‘Australian Troy Corser.
The first three places on the grid are occupied by Tom Sykes, leader of the championship, by Davide Giugliano (Ducati) and Sylvain Guintoli (Aprilia).

At the start of the first race on Sunday Elias (Aprilia), who started from sixth position, takes the lead, followed by Sykes, Giugliano and Guintoli while Melandri (Aprilia) gives immediately an error. But already ‘on the second lap the positions vary, Sykes exceeds Elias, Guintoli goes along and you pass by Baz (Kawasaki). On the second pass on the starting line and Baz ‘second, the Ducati have climbed Elias and Melandri started the comeback. Shortly after the pilot Ravenna exceeds the Aprilia team-mate, Guintoli, while Baz tries to get closer to the world champion which remains firmly at the head of the race. From half ‘of the race, the driver of a Roman house Ducati, Giugliano progressively slows down due to technical problems, losing positions, to go down in eighth position. The first round of the day ended with a victory for Tom Sykes, followed by team mate Baz and Melandri third.

Race two saw whiz immediately head Davide Giugliano, followed by Sykes, Baz and Melandri. But to reach the second round penalty ‘imposed by the race direction to Giugliano, drive-throught for early departure. Sykes dominated the race, chased by Baz, Melandri and Guintoli, while the pilot of the Borgo Panigale is just part of the twenty-first. After a long duel between Baz and Melandri in second place and ‘to the benefit of the transalpine pilot, while Sykes increasing their lead every lap concludes by prancing winner at the finish line.

Next meeting in Portugal on the Algarve circuit in Portimao , and immediately following, the caravan will continue Superbike ‘for the United States in the direction of Laguna Seca in sunny California.

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The first day of competition eni FIM Superbike World Championship at Sepang was signed by Aprilia, dominating both races. The two goals from Marco Melandri and double second place Sylvain Guintoli put the seal on a weekend just perfect, with the RSV4, including the “satellite” of Toni Elias, who have been shown to adapt better to the Malaysian circuit.

Race 1 saw the two RSV4 Marco Melandri and Sylvain Guintoli on the run from the first lap to contend for the win. A winner was the pilot of Ravenna, bravo to mend the gap created after a daring fall occurred in three of the main characters in the first few corners. Once you reach your teammate, Marco has overtaken the brakes on lap ten, and then managed to administer until the checkered flag.

The chronicle of Race 2 change in form but not in substance. The suspension for the red flag on lap decreed a reboot, with distance shortened to 10 laps and the grid based on the positions at the time of the stop, then with the three RSV4 in the front row. Sylvain Guintoli immediately took advantage, while Marco Melandri fought before launching himself in pursuit of his teammate.

The last round saw the two Aprilia riders perform in a spectacular series of passes as much as correct, which were dominated by Marco Melandri after the last attempt to reply to Sylvain in the curve before the finish line. Check in the sprint, second double of the day and charts that change radically: Melandri up to fifth among the drivers, are 13 points separating from the leader Guintoli Tom Sykes. Aprilia also shortens the distance in the ranking manufacturers, where it is second to 4 points from the top.



MAY 25

The world of the derived series arrives in the cold and wet England, where, under a shower, Davide Giugliano ( Ducati ) won the Superpole, the second of his career. Second place on the grid for Haslam ( Honda ), well Melandri ( Aprilia ) who won the third place in the front row. Struggling to find the right feeling and tuning for the Superpole the reigning world champion Tom Sykes (Kawasaki), seventh, ahead of championship leader Rea (Honda).

In race one , after a good start for Melandri and Haslam is Guintoli (Aprilia) who takes the lead, but from the first curve begins a duel with Ravenna. Lowes (Suzuki) and Baz (Kawasaki) advance, Giugliano sixth, the tenth Sykes. Baz is already the seventh lap in the lead, followed by Lowes, the Aprilia losing ground while Sykes recovers positions, turning even half a second below the times of the first. The sixteenth lap Davide Giugliano falls and is out of the race, while the next round the world champion in office is located behind Baz, his teammate in the lead.

With three laps from the end of the first heats of the English stage, Sykes starts to attack Baz, who tries to resist. But the champion wins again today, in front of Baz, Lowes, Melandri.

Race two starts with a beautiful departure of Aprilia, Guintoli and Melandri, followed by Lowes, Giugliano and Haslam. On lap nine Lowes buffers Melandri, both fall, but fall in the race. Guintoli, Baz and Sykes will play the first three positions, follows in pursuit Giugliano. There are no big surprises on the second and final race of the day ended with Sykes in the lead, followed by Baz, Guintoli, Giugliano, Davies (Ducati) and Rea.

With this triumph double world champion, who never fails to get on the podium English in the last three seasons, is shown at the top of the drivers’ standings. Asian trip to the world of the derived series that will race for the first time in two weeks at the Malaysian circuit of Sepang.

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MAY 11

The world of the derived series stops off at Imola for the fourth round of the season. On the famous circuit dedicated to Enzo e Dino Ferrari Honda home of the Irish, Jonathan Rea, was the absolute ruler of the whole weekend. After winning the Superpole on Saturday, leaving the second box on the grid at Guintoli (Aprilia) and the third in Giugliano (Ducati), made double victories in both races of the day.

In race one , Rea, who immediately took off, Davies (Ducati) and Sykes (Kawasaki) have been fighting for a few laps for second place. Melandri (Aprilia), after a good start and lost positions up to be seventh-seventh lap, while the thirteenth Giugliano slips after passing the finish line and is out of the race. The first race on Sunday ends with Rea on the top step of the podium, followed by Davies and Sykes, Baz (Kawasaki), Guitoli, Melandri sixth.

Even at the start of race two Rea stood out to a good start, good first lap also Giugliano and Melandri. Haslam (Honda) is out of contention for the top spots for off-track from the third lap, while Melandri lost the second position. Davies, who started sixth, after a great race comeback, winning second place on the sixteenth lap, while Guintoli, Sykes, Giugliano and Baz, fight until the checkered flag. Race two winner sees Rea in second place and Davies on the lowest step of the podium the French rider Guintoli. The reigning world champion, Tom Sykes, only fifth. The main focus of this weekend was also the Ducati, which rises twice on the second step of the podium. Best result obtained to date from the red Borgo Panigale.
Next race in two weeks at the English circuit of Donington.

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The Dutch leg of the World Superbike Championship has seen as a protagonist weather uncertain and variable.

Race one started with the track still damp from the rain of the night, but no rain, so that the pilots were presented on the grid with slick tires. Baz (Kawasaki) part very well from the first box, but already at the first corner Guintoli (Aprilia) joins him and won the first position, followed by Rea (Honda) and Sykes (Kawasaki). Giugliano (Ducati) falls on the first lap, while Melandri (Aprilia) is struggling with Davies (Ducati) and Elias (Aprilia) for fifth place. At diciassettesimoo around, with the world champion world champion who has now agganciatoto the French rider of, it breaks the engine of the EBR of May, dropping oil on the track costringendodo the race direction to stop, and pause the race.

Race ends with the victory ahead of Guintoli and Sykes in third place ahead of Rea Baz, followed Elias, Melandri, Davies, Haslam (Honda), Canepa (Ducati) and Lowes (Suzuki).

At the start, race two was declared dry, leaving the possibility of any pit stop to change tires as the threatening sky. Race delayed a few minutes because some drivers were stopped at the pits for rain tires. The race was declared wet and it will run 15 laps instead of 21, when just before the reopening of the pit lane, the rain literally flooded the track. On the fourth lap of the restart when requested by the French rider of, Giuntoli, under the command of the race with a large detachment from the pursuers, the race was again interrupted, with Bandira red, for the harsh conditions of the track due to the rain.

The race was shortened again to just ten laps. At the start Sykes immediately took the lead, followed by Rea and Melandri. Before the end of the first lap Rea is first, take off immediately and win the race. Guintoli falls in the second pass at the hairpin, Lowes and Giugliano win the second and third place.

Next meeting all Italian in two weeks at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola.

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The reigning world champion Tom Sykes, after an uncertain start to the season in the transfer autraliana, it is undisputed star of the Spanish round of the World Superbike Championship that was held this weekend at the Aragon circuit.

After getting the first place on the grid, the British rider Kawasaki on the podium in both races. In the first stage the British driver from the start has been awarded the head of the race and after the first few laps off the rest of the group. Davide Giugliano (Ducati) and Loriz Baz (Kawasaki) fighting for second place, chased by Jonathan Rea (Honda). The Italian states aggressively on the French in the fourth round but lose it after the first half, the location.

The two Aprilia riders, Marco Melandri and Silvan Guintoli, with Chaz Davies (Ducati) fighting for fifth place, while Eugene Laverty (Suzuki) dates from the twelfth. Melandri loses ground, gradually increasing his time on the tour. Davide Giugliano try the last step an overtaking Rea at the hairpin before the straight but make a mistake slipping into the ground. Quickly gets up again, resuming the race and managed to pass under the checkered flag in eighth.


Marco Melandri In race two, after a slow start, improved his pace by lap times close to those of Sykes. Pole-sitter is unable to detach his team-mate Baz, which improves turn around.

Alexander Lowes (Suzuki) and Davies are out of the game after only a few steps. Rea and Melandri long fight for the third position in the final laps on the Aprilia rider from Romagna reaches the head of the race and won the second position by taking advantage of an internal struggle Kawasaki. Shortly before the last pass under the checkered flag, a spectacular overtaking attempts to win the first position, but gets only the last step of the podium behind Loris Baz.

At the end of the second weekend of the championship race is led by Sykes with 75 points, followed by Baz (71) and Giuntoli (64), the first Italian Marco Melandri in the standings is in fourth place (49).

Now the Superbike takes a week off to get back on track the next April 26 and 27 on the Dutch track of Assen.

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