Comfort, Safety and Agility

Dynamic Suspension



The device Dynamic Suspension system is an advanced electronic control of the shock absorbers , available exclusively on the Alfa MiTo , which allows you to change an active and continuous response of the frame depending on the road conditions and the needs of the pilot.
, the driver benefits from ‘use of the system “Dynamic Suspension” on three fronts: comfort , safety and agility . First of all, the electronic shock absorbers adapt to the conditions of the track, checking all the movements of the body. In this way it is always guaranteed maximum comfort and complete absorption of road bumps . In addition, by actively reacting to all road conditions, the system “Dynamic Suspension” always ensures maximum grip and therefore of security . Finally, thanks to better restrain the roll and pitch in all conditions, you get an increase in stability and a lightning-fast insertion in the curve.


control logic Sky-Hook acts on the adjustment of the shock absorbers in order to minimize the vertical movements , to improve the insulation of the passenger and to ensure greater comfort.

Obstacles isolates

Information from sensors placed on the two front wheels are monitored to identify the presence of an obstacle, adjust the shock absorbers to minimize the backlash and maximize grip.

Lateral and longitudinal dynamics

The motion of the body is controlled, limiting the maximum pitch and roll, increasing consequently the feeling of steering, the road-holding , the stability and control.

Road Severity Index (road irregularities)

The information from the sensors on the front wheels are developed to identify the degree of disconnection of the road surface , and adjust the dampers to improve both comfort and road holding.

Interaction with ABS, ASR and VDC

The system is completed by integrating its data with those from ABS, ASR and VDC to improve the performance of the shock absorbers , providing maximum comfort and safety.

Alfa DNA

Dynamic Suspension system perfectly interfaces with the control strategies of the Alfa Romeo DNA, to ensure:

  • more sporty handling ( Dynamic );
  • more comfort ( Normal );
  • more security ( All weather ).